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        Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

How do Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Drugs Work?  All three ED
drugs are known as PDE-5 inhibitors.  When a man becomes
sexually aroused a secondary chemical messenger known as
cGMP causes the smooth muscles of the CC to relax.  This
allows blood to flow to the penis  and an erection occurs.
same process works for woman leading to engorgement of the

An enzyme known as PDE-5 breaks down cGMP which leads to
a softer erection and ultimately a flaccid penis. All three ED
drugs inhibit the functioning of PDE-5 and the subsequent
breakdown of cGMP. That is why they are effective in treating

The question of whether ED drugs simply help men who suffer
from an inability to get and obtain a satisfactory erection or do
they enhance the experience of even normal men is an
important one as we will see latter.  

A paper written by A Keith,
The Economics of Viagra discusses
this issue. Ms. Keith is Director, Economic Policy Analysis, in
Corporate Strategic Planning and Policy for Pfizer, Inc., a major
drug company and the company that introduced Viagra. The
author states that clinical trials demonstrated that Viagra
would not confer exaggerated powers on men who did not
suffer from ED.  Subsequently, she again notes that the
consumer will quickly recognize that Viagra does not enhance
sexual performance.

Based on everything that I have read and know this is not the
case.  Simple logic, the anatomy of the penis and the process
by which this drug works would lead to the conclusion that the
use of Viagra would result in a harder erection, increased
erectile stamina and a longer period of time for the penis to
become flaccid after ejaculation.  

  • A study done in Buenos Aires, Argentina among healthy
    men between the ages of 18-30 years revealed that Viagra
    was used for better erection quality and better sexual
    performance.  This group of healthy men are hardly in the
    age group that suffers from ED.

It it so commonly accepted that Viagra enhances erectile quality
and male sexual performance that there is even a Robins
Williams skit on the topic:  

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