More News In Brief
One of major roadblock in finding an effective treatment is
that we are middle age men with a dick problem.  We do
not get much sympathy.  The current Zeitgeist can best be
summed up by paraphrasing the great English writer
George Orwell in his novel Animal Farm, Woman Good,
Man Bad.  Almost nothing could be funnier than a man's
penis.  I have written about this before. When there is a
report about penis research it is reported in a joking way
and the comments are even more mocking.  For example,
there was an article about regenerative medicine focusing
on the penis and here are just a few comments:

Soooo we haven't found a cure for cancer.....but we sure found a cure for
"penis trouble."

Yeah, that's what happens when men are in charge.
Well - I am guessing this will be the end of all the ethical problems with stem
cell research.

Looks like stem cell research is really going to take off.
Possible paralysis cure? Who cares. Regenerates tissue? Big deal. What? It
can help men with sexual problems?! This must be studied immediately!

It should be in pretty good shape. After all, he hasn't used it that much.......
much like his brain.

Contrast this with an article that appeared in the New
York Times on the topic of women's self image.
 It was
titled "Power of the Rouge Pot." Sympathetic, serious and
oh such an important topic with thoughtful comments.  No
one in the comment section could be anything other than
so thoughtful. You can see any number of these articles in
the main press.

Why am I bringing this up, do I just want to do some
additional typing?  No!  In my readings I come across
many  important research articles about other diseases and
think this could help me with Peyronies Disease.  In my
mind the reason there is so little Peyronies research is that
it is not considered all that important.  But, I am not going
to let that stop me.  Maybe writing about it will inspire
someone with influence and money to attempt to adapt
these research approaches to our disease.  Maybe
unrealistic, but life has to go one and optimism certainly
beats defeatism.

Regenerative Medicine is the key for a complete cure for
our disease.  I have written about this before.  In its most
basic, it requires some type of platform or scaffold to let
stem cells grow and replace the damaged tissue. Here is an
article about a novel way to use the stem cell approach to
heal a knee injury.  I don't see why it could not be used for
men with Peyronies Disease.  Any biotech entrepreneurs
out there?   

Researchers at the University of Wollongong and the
Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for
Electromaterials Science (ACES) have developed the
BioPen, a tool that allows surgeons to repair injured bones
and joints by laying down customized implants during
surgery with high precision and ease.   

  • This hand held 3D printer works by “drawing” a
    biomaterial scaffolding that encases stem cells. The
    composite biomaterial includes a cell-viable hydrogel,
    such as alginate, surrounded by an outer protective
    layer. As the scaffolding and stem cells are applied, the
    BioPen cures and sets the implant in place with an
    attached low-powered ultraviolet light. The process
    can be repeated to build the entire implant in real-time,
    layer-by-layer. As the wound heals, the stem cells
    work to restore tissue into its healthy state, and
    multiply and differentiate into bone, muscle, or nerve
    cells.  The team plans on also incorporating growth
    factors and drugs into the mix to try to control the
    differentiation of the implanted stem cells and further
    improve recovery. The BioPen has now completed its
    prototyping stage, and is currently undergoing
    optimization for clinical trials.

To my non-medically trained eye it certainly looks like this
approach would fit very nicely into a Peyronies Disease research

More Peyronies Disease Research - In Brief

Recently diagnosed? Maybe you should do nothing.
Sloan-Kettering examined 176 men who were diagnosed
with Peyronies Disease, opted for no treatment and were
followed for 12 months.  Mean: age was 54 years,
Peyronies duration 9 months and mean curvature was 42

  • 67% of the population had no change in deformity over
  • 12% improved
  • 21% worsened
  • Stabilization was more likely in older patients and
    those with a time to initial presentation of +6 months
  • Improvements rates were higher among younger men
    and those who presented themselves in less than 6

What About Penile Traction Therapy
          Some Men Swear By It

Two respected urologists reviewed the literature on this
subject and came to some surprising conclusions. The ideal
candidate for this therapy is:

  • Men with the acute phase of the disease
  • Greater curvature
  • Absence of calcified plaque
  • Prior to Treatment - Acceptable girth/absences of hour glass
  • Normal erectile function
  • Highly motivated (minimum 4-6 hrs daily for 3-6 months)
  • Additional multimodal treatment strategy

The researchers note that they have reviewed a number of
studies involving traction therapy and there is significant
variability in outcomes.  It appears that if a man who meets
the above requirements and is willing to  put in a
significant effort he may expect some improvement in
curvature and some increase in penile length.  However, no
increase in girth should be expected.  Finally and the most
disappointing finding -
No strong evidence that penile
traction therapy will result in beneficial effects on the
sexual function of men with Peyronies Disease.

Can Any Of My Readers Answer This Question
                             Because I Can Not  

For quite some time there has been anecdotal evidence that
a class of drugs used for treating high blood pressure,
i.e., beta blockers contribute to the development of
Peyronies Disease.  By what chemical process would beta
blockers potentially have this effect?  Does anyone know of
studies performed on men or laboratory rats that have
tested the hypothesis that beta blockers (at any dose)
causes Peyronies Disease?

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