Is There a Link?

This is a rather difficult topic upon which to report.  
Readers of this site have varied educational backgrounds
and knowledge of our disease.  Some men submit detailed,
well written emails adding much to the discussion.  
Unfortunately, the majority of men submit one or two
sentence inquiries limited pretty much to "how can you
help me" or "my life is ruined and I am depressed." I will
attempt to discuss our disease and satisfy the requirements
of both categories of readers.

My approach in discussing a possible link will be as follows.  
I will review some of the legal action taken concerning
this topic.  Then, I will discuss the work of one reporter who
has written extensively on this topic. From what I can
gather, I think, but I am not sure, that he has taken
Propecia and developed Peyronies.

Subsequently, I will reprint some pages from previous
editions of this site so new readers will have a better
understanding of the physiology of Peyronies.  Finally, I will
review a number of medical journal articles on the sexual
side effects of finasteride with an emphasis on proof linking
this drug with our disease. After each article, I will provide
my comments and a letter grade as to what I believe how
effectively these reports link the use of  finasteride and the
subsequent onset of  Peyronies Disease.

Prior to getting in this topic, I have to note there are really
two separate, but related issues.  Does the taking of
finasteride increase the incidence of Peyronies. Secondly, if
there is a link do these side effects continue even after the
drug is discontinued?  

Many men has alleged that taking Propecia has caused
their Peyronies.  A Google search of Propecia +
Peyronies results in almost 98,000 hits.  Of course, many of
this hits are ads and others nonsense, but many are men
who sincerely believe there is a link between the drug and
their curved penis.  This being America, these allegations
has resulted in attorneys filing lawsuits against Merck for
alleged adverse sexual events including Peyronies.  I could
go on for page after page of law firms suing for Propecia
Peyronies links, but I will just discuss a few.

  • The SenatorsFirm is advertising for men who developed
    Peyronies after taking Propecia.  They refer to an article in the
    Journal of Sexual Medicine that reported that sexual side effects
    persisted after men stopped taking the drug.  I will discuss this
    very article later on this site.

  • The Propecia LawSuit Center refers to 53 year old man who
    started to take Propecia for male patter baldness.  He had no
    history of sexual dysfunction, but developed  problems when he
    started to take the drug.  Central to the plaintiff's allegation is
    the presence of Peyronies.  The law firm alleges that the link
    between Propecia and Peyronies is DHT. According to the law
    firm, this substance accounts for the high number of complaints
    emerging from men across the United States.   

  • Another law firm states that a study in China found that
    Propecia cause penile shrinkage in rats.  Subsequently, they
    mention that Peyronies has recently been added as a side effect
    of the drug.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Attorneys are trolling for
clients who have taken Propecia and experienced adverse reactions.  
Peyronies has recently been added one of these adverse reactions.


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developed a keen interest in the law.

John is also a man with a balding issue and has decided to
take up the issue of adverse reactions to Propecia
(finasteride).  He has written in some depth about
Peyronies Disease and its possible to link to finasteride.  He
has written many articles all with a strong bent (no pun
intended) emphasis on news of adverse side effects of the
drug.  His articles often mention the
Syndrome Foundation.  This organization has a very
impressive website and its members are respected
members of the medical community.  If you are interested
in this issue, I strongly suggest that you visit their web