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The most discouraging aspect of producing this website is the lack of
any significant progress in the effective treatment of Peyronies Disease
(PD).  This may be about to change with findings published by South
Korean researchers in the Journal of Sexual Medicine 2009; 6:1284-1296.
In order to adequately discuss this article and its findings,  I have to
define the following terms.

  • Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) - one of several proteins
    secreted by transformed cells that can stimulate the growth of
    normal cells.  It is known to be up-regulated in PD and is
    responsible for the fibrotic scarring that leads to penile curvature.
    For PD, a decrease in TGF is a positive development because it
    lead a reversal of the process that results in PD and symptoms
    such as scarring and penile curvature.

  • Collagen - is a fibrous protein and its over production results in
    decreased tissue elasticity.  A decrease of this substance is also a
    positive development.  

The South Korean Researchers were studying the effects of a novel
transforming growth inhibitor known as IN-1130.  Laboratory rats were
given repeated injections of TGF in the tunica albuginea section of the
penis.  Forty-five days after injections, the untreated rats exhibited,
scarring, fibrosis, loss of elasticity in the penile tissue and significant
curvature. That is, they developed what is known in humans as
Peyronies Disease.  One group of in the treatment group was given
injections of IN-1130 at intervals of 30 and 37 days.  

  • Rats treated with IN-1130 showed a significant, but not complete
    regression of the fibrotic plaque, which resulted in restoration of
    elasticity and correction of the penile curvature.

  • The collagen content in the fibrotic plaque was significantly
    reduced to amounts comparable to the control rats.

  • Injections of IN-1130 did not significantly affect serum
    concentrations of pro inflammatory markers.  That is, there was no
    significant allergic response.

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