Does Peyronies Turn Into Cancer? - Cells obtained from
Peyronies plaque have demonstrated a number of characteristics
similar to cancer cells, such as the ability to resist a process of
programmed cell death called apoptosis and to form tumors when
transplanted into laboratory mice specifically bred to have no
immune systems. However, according to the University of Georgia
Urology Department, there has never been a case of PD that has
turned into a human cancer.

Men Are Desperate - A common outcome of PD is a decrease of
penile dimensions; both shortening and decreased girth. I have
written to a number of pharmaceutical companies trying to
convince them to test their Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs such as
Viagra on PD men because an effective treatment would be gold
mine as men would pay anything to regain their normal functioning
and penile shape. Nothing better illustrates this than the following
story. A number of lower socio-economic men in Doha, Qatar were
convinced by non medical personnel that penile injections of cod
liver oil would augment their size. Subsequently, all  these men
required emergency surgical intervention and were reported to
have recovered from this “treatment.”

Revision Of A Clinical Trial - In a previous edition of this website,
I reported on a PD clinical trial in Brazil using heat via a heat lamp,
Vitamin D and possible administration of testosterone. The
researcher has modified his clinical trial to apply heat via an
infrared laser. This is a positive approach as laser heat is more
precise and there has been a previous clinical trial in which is was
reported that laser produced heat was beneficial in healing scar
tissue. At this point, I do not believe there has been a prior attempt
to duplicate results from the original trial.
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further information.

DO Try This At Home - The most common question I get from
readers is depressingly familiar.  “I have recently been diagnosed
with PD, please help me, what can I do?”  Here is one suggestion.  
This treatment is short term, no known adverse side effects,
inexpensive and does not even require a doctor’s visit. And you
have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it.   

Add Curcumin To Your Diet

Curcumin — is a component of the Indian spice Turmeric. PD is a
fibrotic disorder and Curcumin had been repeatedly shown to be an
effective antifribrotic agent. In one experiment, mice who were
genetically altered to spontaneously develop progressive
inflammatory conditions of the liver, including fibrotic changes
(scarring) had Curcumin added to their diet for a period of four and
eight weeks. Researchers found that Curcumin reduced
inflammation and scarring at both four and eight weeks intervals.  
No such delay in liver fibrosis was seen in the control group.  
Curcumin interferes with several chemical signaling pathways
involved in the inflammatory process. In an article that appeared in
the American Journal of Nephrology, 2010, it was also reported
that Curumin also demonstrated antifibrotic properties for the
treatment of kidney scarring.      

In previous editions of the site, I have pointed out that the common
class of ED drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra, etc.,
have demonstrated antifibrotic properties in laboratory rats and
may lessen the damage caused by PD in humans. I have
suggested that interested readers talk to their urologists about
taking these drugs during the active phase of their PD. In the
March 2010, edition of Nature Reviews Urology, it was again
reported that these drugs counteract the development of PD like
fibrotic plaque in rat models. Whether this extends to humans is
unknown, but certainly given the lack of an effective alternative
treatment, this seems like it is worth a shot.