This website is about PD.  A few months ago I noticed a
number of articles showing a strong correlation between PD
and prostate cancer surgery, i.e. radical prostatectomy (RP).  
When I published these articles, I never imagined that the
response would be so overwhelming.  In response to the
overwhelming response, I published a follow up edition
primarily covering the same topic. (Type "Prostate" into the
search box for much more information) This often seems like
a case of the tail wagging the dog as the topic prostate
cancer has taken over the readership of this website.  
majority of visitors to this site now come because they are
researching prostate cancer and their feedback concerns
their surprise (shock, dismay) at developing PD and
associated symptoms, such as penile shortening, loss of
girth, after having treatment for prostate cancer.
 What is
most disconcerting is that these men had no idea that these
conditions could result from their treatment.  It appears that
any significant trauma to the prostate and surrounding areas
increase the chances of developing Peyronie like symptoms.   
If you go to prior issues of this site, it also seems that
urologists are often unaware that their treatment can result in

I am not suggesting that men do not follow the advice of their
urologists concerning treatment, but informed consent is an
integral part of the process. There is no doubt this is a weak
link in the treatment system and am surprised there is not
more legal action by men who suffer these outcomes. This is
still a PD website, but since there is so much interest in this
topic, I will continue to devote part of the site to prostate

Can radiation therapy promote the development of PD?  
According to the Journal of Urology, (ISSN 0022-5347) the
answer is apparently yes. First two definitions.

  • Cytokines - hormone like proteins that regulate the intensity and
    duration of immune responses.  Over expression can lead to scarring
  • Fibroblast - capable of forming collagen fibers

A factor involved in the development of PD is fibrotic cytokine
over expression.  Cell culture cells were irradiated and
demonstrated the basic fibroblast growth factor when
compared to the control.  Conclusion: These data suggest
that radiation may in fact increase the production of
fibrogenic cytokines, which may promote the fibrotic process
involved in PD

In a previous edition of this website,  it was reported that a
case study conducted in 2008 demonstrated that men who
underwent a RP had a significant likelihood of developing PD  
This  study published in the Medical News today reported that
the incidence of post RP men who developed PD was 17%.  A
more recent study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms  
this correlation with a RP and PD.  A database of 1011 men
who attended a sexual medicine clinic after undergoing a RP
was reviewed and the PD incidence rate was 15.9%.  Mean
time to develop PD after PR was approximately 13.9 months.  
Younger, white men seemed mostly at risk.   

There is significant anecdotal evidence from my feedback that
men are developing these symptoms. Here are just some
email comments I have received.

comment = I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in April of
2004.  I had 34 External Beam Radiation Treatments.  After the
treatments my gland reduced in size, and my discharge
became clear as water.  My PSA never fell below 2.66, then
began to rise rapidly.  I began Hormone Deprivation Therapy
in February 2008.  The side effects were distressing.  About
five months ago I discovered two depressions of the right
side of my penis.  It no longer pointed straight ahead, but
leaned to the right.  I experienced some discomfort during
intercourse, and did use Viagra to help me with some degree
of Erectile Dysfunction.  My Urologist has examined me, and
feels that I do have a mild case of Peyronies.  I understand
that it may heal on its own.  Prior to developing the two
depressions in my penis, I measured about 6 1/2 inches in
length.  Now, I barely measure 5 inches.  This has brought me
great distress, and my penis slightly arcs downward, which
makes penetration into my wife's vagina a little d!
ifficult.  I would really like to know if the radiation could have
caused this, or if the hormone deprivation may have been the
cause.  And, if it may cure on its own, and if my penis will
ever recover to its original length  

comments = Desperate men around the world are being
'duped' into paying ten's of thousands of dollars for H.I.F.U.
Many think High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the "miracle"
cure for prostate cancer,with very little risk .However, no one
ever discusses the risk of peyronies. Many Doctors only offer
surgery or say sorry ,there is no known cure.   

Comment :   I had my prostrate done with the TURP method
but suffers all the symptoms of peyronies disease and penile
shortening. It is now two years later and there is no change.
The worse is that I have no sensation in my penis at all. Is this
normal and can it be cured?