I developed Peyronies in August 2006 at age 58 for no apparent reason.  I had never heard
of this condition and almost went to the hospital emergency room when I first observed my
anatomical changes.

Three urologists told me there was nothing they could do. I had to wait at least one year and
if my condition stabilized, surgery was an option.  Surgery would result in shortening of the
penis and there was no guarantee that loss of functionality would not occur. To say the least,
I was surprised and discouraged by the lack of satisfactory treatment.

Finally, I had VERAPAMIL treatment and was told that it must be done as early as possible;
certainly should not wait a year. I was advised that a realistic outcome was stabilization of my
condition. Improvement was not expected in the overwhelming majority of cases . After the
Verapamil treatments my condition worsened to a considerable degree.  Whether or not this
deterioration was due to the treatments or just a natural progression of the disease, I do not

I decided that suffering in silence was not an option and would do something to try to
advance treatment options for this condition. Just for the readers information, this web site is
not a free site and there are additional advertising costs.

Personal Stats: I am a White Male, college graduate and hold a professional job.  When I
developed Peyronies I was engaged with a wedding date planned. The relationship could not
stand up to the strain of this condition.  I am sure this is a typical story of men with
Peyronies.  I can tell you from personal experience, no how much a woman says she loves
you and wants to be with you, without a functioning penis it is virtually impossible to keep that
"lovin feeling."