to provide comments to the readers, especially those who took time to submit
feedback. We had approximately 30 unique visitors daily, but a significantly higher
number who saw my ad or found my website after using a search engine. This
number was approximately 3900 and tells me men are on the net searching for an
effective treatment.

The number of readers who submitted feedback was relatively small, but for the most
part, comments were intelligent and well thought out. Some readers asked my
opinion of treatments such as Verapamil, shock wave therapy, etc. I have personal
experience with Verapamil and the current edition of this web site has my story and
My reading of the literature confirms that it is a waste of time to take this for
Peyronies. If you see a urologist and he suggests Vitamin E, my best advice is to
move on.

There was a common theme running through the feedback. Basically, Peyronies has
blighted our lives, someone should come up with an effective treatment and there is
no hope. If this happened to woman, it would be all over Oraph and research funds
would be pouring in. There are many sites where you can vent and discuss the lack
of treatment. The only way we can make some progress is to take the initiative and
make something happen. This is the purpose of this web site. If everyone who
looked at my ad gave just $5.00, there would be enough to form a 501(C)(3) non-
profit and we could get the ball rolling on some research.

I received one comment from an English reader. From my reading of the literature,
Peyronies is a universal condition and it is just as prevalent outside of the U.S. as it
is in his county. It would be great to hear from readers overseas to see what kind of
treatment is offered. Finally, one reader was ready to step up to the plate and offered
to do something. CF said he would be willing to moderate a forum. This is good idea
and I will contact him if we get to the point where we come up with an idea for action
and need to discuss it. One disappointing outcome was that according to the Yahoo’
s site counter, no one read the article on Research Funds Available. Available
funding is an important topic and research is the only way we can make progress.