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When younger men get Peyronies Disease it is
particularly poignant and unfortunate. Here is feedback
I received from one young man with our disease:

comments = Hi, please e-mail me if you are still updating this
website. I would love to help you out in any way possible, update
the website, write to magazines, tv, shows, etc. Whatever it
takes. I am 25 years old with this disease and have never had
sex. When my symptoms began I had been dating my girlfriend
for 3 months. I had finally found someone that I connected with
not only physically but emotionally as well. I found myself waking
up every morning and pinching myself because I was so happy I
felt like I was in a dream. Now, every morning when I wake up I
feel as if I am in a nightmare! I am on Trental and the pain
continues to intensify. My girlfriend has done as much research
as me on this condition and says she will stand by me no matter
what because she loves me. But the strain is tremendous. I
refuse to believe that I will never have sex and will hurt forever.
Let me know!

Are There Other Uses For A Penis? - In a prior edition of this
site  I wrote about Peyronies Disease in Teenagers.  This article was
based on a 2011 International Society for Sexual Medicine research
article. When re-reading the article something struck me as odd.  This
report noted that penile trauma was a risk factor for Peyronies.  Fifty
percent (50%) of this penile trauma occurred during sexual intercourse
or masturbation.  Can someone tell me what other penile trauma events
would occur that would result Peyronies?  It was not mentioned in the

Highly Recommended Source For All Health Related
Stories -
On Page 1 I recommended a website for their excellent
review of health related stories.  There are 2 news stories related
specifically to Xiaflex. The reviews seem to indicate that Xiaflex's
usefulness has been exaggerated and side effects are downplayed.  
Further, reporting that it is effective in treating Peyronies is premature.  
Remember, these are not pro or anti Xiaflex articles.  They are simply
commentaries on the reporting related to Xiaflex.  If you are interested in
these articles, go to

What Does a Made (Mafia) Guy Fear The Most?
I was reading a so-so book on the New York Mafia - The Sinatra Club.  
In it, Bald Vinny, was a successful mobbed up Queens counterfeiter.  He
was introduced to a couple of hookers who found out that he had a very
important secret.  When one of his partners in crime found out about the
secret and told him that he knew what it was, Bald Vinny went "nuts" and
did everything he could to keep it a secret. You guessed it, Peyronies
Disease.  No, the book didn't use the term, it just said he had a bent
dick. What else could it be?  Memo to Vinny - If you go to hookers they
are going to find out about your dick and chances are they are not going
to keep it a secret.  Maybe you should have whacked them?    

News From the World Meeting on Sexual Medicine -
August 2012 held in Chicago, Illinois

This conference will be the source of many future articles, but due to my
time limitations I can only write about one research report this time.  
Here is an interesting title of a research abstract written for the

Hospital, Japan

I was unable to access this report, but based on the title study, I can only
assume this device was at least somewhat successful in rehabilitating
penile function.  

What does this have to do with Peyronies Disease?  When diagnosed
with Peyronies, virtually all physicians will tell their patients, "that
nothing can be done during the active phase - approximately 18 months,
but keep sexually active."  As way of introduction, I am repeating a
portion of a prior article I wrote on this website.

Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and what it maybe able to tell us about
what to do and what to avoid

Frozen shoulder and PD are disorders that appear to have much in common

  • Both are connective tissue disorders resulting from an injury, leading to
    inflammation, scarring and tissue shrinkage.  In the case of frozen
    shoulder, it results in shrinkage of the capsule that surrounds the
    normal shoulder joint

  • Both occur more frequently in men with diabetes

  • It is believed that both have an autoimmune component

  • Xiaflex is being tested as a PD treatment and it is being considered for
    testing on frozen shoulder

Stretching exercises are usually recommended for patients with a frozen
shoulder. They exercises invariably involve stretching the injured arm
towards the outward, non deformed position.

What does this have to do with our disorder? Physicians who treat men with
PD will recommend that they remain sexually active. What exactly does this
mean?  In contrast to stretching outward towards the non-deformed position
as with a frozen shoulder, during actual vaginal intercourse, the penis is
tensed and via thrusting, significant pressure is applied against the penis
towards the direction of the deformed position. Particularly during the active
phase of the disease this may result in further injury to the penis. When I first
contracted this disease, I remained sexually active and engaged in vigorous
vaginal intercourse and my condition worsened considerably.  Did this
pressure account for the worsening of my condition?  I don’t really know, but
logic and common sense would not rule out this explanation. Let me know
what you think.

Now, this Japanese physician has (probably) concluded that this EGG device
is useful for penile rehabilitation.  I would conclude that masturbation during
the active phase of Peyronies Disease will have a positive effect.  At the very
least it will keep blood flowing to the penis.  Here is a link to a you tube video
explaining how to use this device
My first impression was that this was some exotic, foreign device. I was
wrong.  It is sold all over the U.S.  Here is the
link to buying it online from
Amazon.  Notice the favorable reviews.

If any readers have comments about my theory or have used the EGG device,
please give me some feedback.

WHAT YOU CAN DO (I) - On a fairly regular basis, I get feedback from
readers who have Peyronies and say they will do whatever it takes to get us
closer to a cure for our disease.  These men are emphatic that they are ready
to do whatever it takes.  O.K. Here is something you can do.  Is there anyone
out there ready to take this on.  A change in the definition of erectile
dysfunction would be of enormous help to us.  Take my word,  I work in the
medical insurance field and definitions are of extreme importance.
If we could expand the definition of erectile dysfunction from

  • the  persistent inability to achieve or maintain penile erection sufficient
    for satisfactory sexual intercourse
  •  Or the inability to engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse due to
    penile deformity

If there anyone out there willing to do some research and find and then write
to organizations that are responsible for generally accepted definitions of
medical conditions to accomplish this common sense and needed definition

WHAT YOU CAN DO (II) - A young man with Peyronies Disease
wrote me and made a number of suggestions for advancing research for an
effective treatment for our disease.  He is obviously very intelligent and
knows more about fund raising that I do.  This writer suggested a website by
the name of
Kickstarter.  After doing some research, I found out that this site
helps to raise funds for a number of worthwhile causes and for profit areas.
Do anyone to volunteer to work on a Kickstarter project for a Peyronies
Disease project.  Just thinking off the top of my head, two projects that would
be of interest would be a relatively inexpensive VED specifically geared
toward those suffering from Peyronies.  Another thought off the top of my
head would be an more effective penis stretching device, especially one that
could be worn during sleep.  To my readers - any suggestions, comments or

Here is a
very recent and well written article about the plight of men with
Peyronies Disease in the United Kingdom.  It is one of the few article that is
sympathetic to men with this disease.  Does not contain any jokes or

Recent Article Has Breaking News - Not Really -
Confirms What I Have Been Saying For Years.
Prostate Cancer treatment associated with Peyronies Disease.

Newly published article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (03/2013).  Penile
deformities associated with prostate cancer treatment; sexual dysfunction
and Peyronies.  They share a similar pathology i.e., fibrotic changes of the
penis leading to structural alteration and ultimate end organ failure.  
Men are not being informed of risks associated with prostate
cancer treatment and this topic is under researched.  

Drs note that sexual function is important to men.  Really, what else is